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Great ambitions breed success. HAI has more than 65 years’ experience in the surface treatment on aluminum.
We can meet the high demands and the new, high standards on the market. We have the solutions to the challenges you face.

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The useful dialogue

If you have an idea, HAI can provide you with the innovative consulting, you need. We offer thorough feedback while you are still in the idea phase. For better quality and economy – book a meeting with one of our consultants as soon as you get the idea.

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Order color sample

We produce customer-specific colours by appointment. The colours are only for guidance and will look slightly different on aluminum.

Therefore, it is possible to order a test piece of the new colour, to determine whether it is as intended.


Great ambitions and a strong partnership with our clients create unique and durable solutions. Take a look at a selection of the exciting projects that HAI has been a significant part of.

“We are known for high quality and innovative consulting.
This is where we think outside the box to find individual solutions.”

Jan Køpke Rohdemejer

CEO, A/S HAI Horsens


HAI offers a great selection of chemical and mechanical pre-treatments. We focus on the whole process from start to end. Therefore, you receive qualified advising at HAI; this ensures not only proper pre-treatment but also the right result.


Anodising is a surface treatment process where the aluminum is made durable and resistant. HAI has the greatest selection of surface treatments of aluminum in Northern Europe. We partner with our clients to create unique and lasting solutions.


HAI has the necessary expertise for the most commonly used chromating/passivation processes. In collaboration with our clients we find the best solution, ensuring that the right chromating/passivation is chosen.


At HAI you are offered very advantageous choices for dyeing, sealing, Teflon PFTE and print. Choose between the largest selection of dyeing in Northern Europe. The selection is large with outdoor and indoor dyeing, and we are happy to develop new variants of your suiting.