Oslo Opera House

An impressive piece of architecture, consisting of sloping surfaces at different angles, giving the building the appearance of being an extension of the fjord. It therefore binds nature and the city centre together through architecture.

One of the unique things about the opera house is that you can walk on the roof.

The facade of the Oslo Opera House is clad with aluminium panels imprinted with asymmetric patterns, giving the facade an architecturally attractive design, which changes in line with the outdoor light through the seasons and from morning to evening.

Architects: Snøhetta
Surface treatmentN1 Nature


During the process, it was important to focus on the building standing in an extremely aggressive corrosive environment on the harbour front – HAI supplied a highly corrosion-resistant solution.


The perforated panels are inspired by woven cloth.


HAI has surface-treated the aluminium panels using a staining process that retains the gloss of the panels, and then natural-anodising them so that the colour harmonises with the outdoor paving and other materials.

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