HAI has lots of experience and skills within the advanced surface treatment of components for airplanes as well as space research. We offer a type of surface treatment which adds extreme durability, low weight and abide by current international standards for the segment.

HAI has delivered multiple components to the International Space Station ISS.

  • Anodised astronaut’s exercise bike
  • Astronauts exercise using Danish exercise bikes.

To be in space is hard on your body and so the astronauts need to exercise daily. When Andreas Mogensen and his colleagues on the International Space Station ISS want to exercise on the exercise bike, they make the wheels turn by using Danish pedals. Danish Aerospace Company has specialised in exercise bikes for space. Not alone is it a Danish design; the exercise bike is put together from anodised aluminum from HAI. HAI is proud to contribute to the research of the human body and its reactions in zero gravity.