HAI is leading in the field of anodised surfaces. We offer the widest spectrum as well as expertise in the field of anodising for use in architecture in Northern Europe. By having your project surface treated at HAI you can achieve new visual expressions and you get solutions with a high level of corrosion resistance.

These visual expressions can be created from a choice of basic materials, which can change the structure, matt finish, lustre and colour of the surface.

A second parameter is the preliminary processing where our mechanical and chemical treatments can create unique surfaces prior to the actual anodising process, which is otherwise a colourless and transparent oxide film.

We offer a large colour palette with unique colours and an indefinite range of colouring and toning.
Nothing is static, and we can adjust our production to exactly your thoughts and ideas regarding decorative surfaces.

By taking advantage of our experience, expertise and guidance during the entire process, together we can create good, innovative and environmentally friendly architecture.