Salt spray corrosion test

HAI’s lab has a new A-Scott S 450 salt spray chamber at its disposal, which is one of the world’s most modern corrosion test systems. Internally HAI utilises the salt spray chamber to test the different surface treatments on aluminum plates. This is done, in part, to live up to the present standards within anodising and chromating.



The salt spray corrosion test is the most used method of testing corrosion durability. The test is run in a closed chamber, where the materials are subjected to a continuous saline spray. Salt spray tests can help in defining which materials are most useful in aggressive environments. Furthermore, the test can be used to assess how suitable different surface treatments are in corrosion environments.



A piece of material is placed in the salt spray chamber. It is then defined for how long the materials are to be subjected to the salt spray. The machine uses an atomiser which sprays the materials with a continuous mist for the entire test period.

Sheets with different surface treatments are tested, however, in consultation with HAI, subjects with other designs can be tested as well.


Wear test

In connection with internal control and tests, HAI has a “Taber Abraser” at our disposal. This means that HAI can offer Taber wear tests in compliance with military specifications.

There are several standards within corrosion testing and salt spray testing.

HAI’s salt spray chamber uses the ASTM 117 standard, which is a neutral salt spray test (NSS). To live up to the standard, our lab inspects HAI’s salt spray chamber several times per day.

ASTM 117 can be compared to the ISO 7253 and DIN 50 021 standards.

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