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A/S HAI Horsens has anodised for more than 65 years

Over the years, HAI, has supplied a great number of exiting and innovative projects and constructions.

Often, we have challenged the mind-sets of architects, designers, constructers and developers.
Seek our counsel from the beginning and get new ideas on how aluminum can be used so the end product is optimal for its purpose.

HAI solves jobs for various areas – here is a selection

  • Construction
  • The energy sector
  • Industrial corrosion protection
  • Ventilation and air purification
  • The transport sector
  • Automobile
  • Marine and sea transport
  • Aviation
  • Window production
  • The electronics and tele communication sector
  • The media business
  • Interior and furniture for businesses and private homes
  • The hospital sector
  • The cleaning sector
  • Space aeronautics
  • Surveillance

We do not see the limitation – only possibilities

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If you have an idea, HAI can provide you with the innovative consulting, you need. We offer thorough feedback while you are still in the idea phase. For better quality and economy – book a meeting with one of our consultants as soon as you get the idea.

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