Under normal circumstance, aluminum products placed indoors only require wiping off with a soft cloth on a regular basis.


Cleaning and maintaining outdoor aluminum products depend a whole lot on the influences from the surrounding environment as well as how much emphasis is put on a decorative look and protecting function.

Never use:

Soda solutions, fluoride, chloride, sulfate, alkalis, acids, grinding tools, sandpaper, metal cloths, wire wool, wire brushes, etc. Soap solutions must not be used due to their alkaline properties.

For further information please refer to HAIs guide for cleaning and maintenance: Cleaning and maintenance

Light soiling:

  • Clean water and wash leather. Wipe off with a soft and dry cloth.

Medium soiling:

  • Neutral, synthetic, liquid detergent which is applied with a cloth, sponge, wash leather or a soft brush. Afterwards, rinse with clean water and wipe off with a soft and dry cloth.

  • A high-pressure cleaner can be used. The high-pressure cleaner should only be used if the natural drainage from the facade can take the extra amount of water. Water must not go behind the facade, so using a high-pressure cleaner must be done accordingly to the actual construction.

Heavy soiling:

  • Mild metal burnisher meant for aluminum.
    The detergent must be placed in the neutral area between PH 5-8.

Colour pen / spray paint

A quick drying quality lacquer for repairing surface scratches on anodised materials.

The product is supplied in a 15 ml colouring pen or in 150 ml spray can in the following colours:

  • Silver (N1 nature)
  • Light bronze (B01)
  • Medium bronze (B02)
  • Dark bronze (B03)
  • Black (B04)

Slight colour differences may occur.

The chemical industry has developed specialized products that do not damage the oxide layer of the aluminum.

Read more about detergents here. Please contact the sales department if you have any question or if you wish to purchase our products.