HAI specializes in surface treatment of aluminum and handles items of all sizes.

About HAI

HAI is a rapidly growing company. We are a very visionary company that does not slow down. At HAI, we create close relations with our customers – we engage in confident partnerships with our customers from everything regarding idea development to planning an effective production. All employees at HAI have a great passion and professional pride.
HAI was founded in 1913 and has been run by the same family all the way till this day. Today’s CEO and manager at HAI is the 4th generation of the family.


65 years’ experience with surface treatment on aluminum

The company has 65 years’ experience in the field of surface treatment on aluminum. This means we can start up highly specialised productions very quickly.


25.000 m2 productions area

Our production workers work a three-shift pattern, and we employ approximately 150 people, we have a production area of 25.000 m2, and we are quality certified according to ISO 9001 and have an environment control system with reference to ISO 14001.



HAI is the essence of passion, professionalism, development, skills, professional pride and innovation. HAI is unique in the field and with personal experience and hard work through several years, we have developed our own and unique product combinations and
colours which have not been seen before.
We know exactly what we are doing.


Cooperation and competent advising

Do you need advising, samples, test runs, corrosion and wear testing, or for overall solutions, we gladly offer you our technical skills and innovative approach to your projects.

“We are known for high quality and innovative consulting. This is where we think outside the box to find individual solutions.”
Jan Køpke Rohdemejer


Dialogue creates results

No matter where you are in the idea-making or decision-making process, we would be happy to set up a meeting with you. At the meeting, we will align our expectations, desires, and demands.

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The good dialogue and qualified counseling starts here.

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