"When working at HAI, a whole new world of exciting projects opens up, one can not help being excited"

A position in an innovative company

The object of the HR department is to ensure that HAI has the necessary resources available, and we are always looking for talented and committed employees. Life at HAI is many different things; it is fun, innovative and exciting. HAI is an old company with a young and dynamic frame of mind.

Available jobs

We advertise job openings here on our website as well as on different job portals. However, you are always welcome to submit an unsolicited application through our recruitment system.
“We develop the organisation and the employees’ skills continuously.”
Grith Olmütz

HR Manager

HAI has received the CSR label in 2018

CSR is short for Corporate Social Responsibility and is about making a difference in society. For instance, this can be done by including and retaining employees, who otherwise would not be part of the labour market.

Naturally, being tolerant and taking social responsibility, is part of HAI’s HR strategy. There should be room for differences. However, we demand total honesty and that our employees always show up for work in the best version of themselves. We take pride in obeying to the law and current collective agreements, as well as considering the person as a whole. Therefore, it is not without pride, that HAI has received the CSR label in 2018.

Production workers

Our production employs 120 people with different backgrounds and experience.

The production has a great deal of responsibility for the day-to-day work, and as a production worker, you are a vital part of our success. Being an employee at HAI demands that you have a desire to learn as well as being prepared for change.

We work in a 3-shift-pattern, but with fixed working hours. We offer fixed hourly wages, pension, health insurance, a staff association and we have signed a collective agreement with the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Commitment is in our DNA

We are leaders in the field of anodising and that calls for committed employees. When you commit, you are also more likely to take responsibility as well as cooperate. That is why we believe that commitment yields more satisfied employees.

We are a production company but also a knowledge company, and we educate our own specialists. We believe that developing skills is part of the recipe for continuous development. This also means that the days at HAI are versatile and time flies.

HAI has a range of functions in our company. For instance, we have our own workshop with a smith, a welder, and an electrician, who always stay one step ahead, and keep the production running. Our logistics team is always on the road and makes sure that goods are sent out and received.

If your dream is to be part of something big, then keep an eye out on this page, where available jobs will be advertised.