The Authorities have implemented a number of actions in order to slow down the development of COVID-19 virus.
HAI follows the Authorities updates on a daily basis, and of course follows the existing and future guidelines.

HAI is not affected by the Authority actions yet, and therefore our production runs as usual.  We are looking forward to serve our customers under the given circumstances.

In order to minimize the risk of spread of infection HAI has implemented the following restriction internally and externally:

  • Goods received and goods delivered shall include a minimum of contact between external drivers and HAI personnel.  External drivers have no access to the rest of HAI property – they shall stay in or close to their truck.
  • External craftsmen will be kept on a minimum basis and shall follow HAI’s internal guidelines.
  • HAI minimizes all external and internal meeting/visits.  Contact should be done via phone, mail, skype or similar.
  • HAI has established an internal plan to secure a continues production: isolate key persons, keep buffer stock of vital elements and to the best of our knowledge avoid bottlenecks.
  • Under the given circumstances HAI must stress, that at the moment this is a force majeure situation.

HAI looks forward to a normalization of the situation. In case the abovementioned gives rise to any questions, or if you have a question in general, you can contact HAI on +4575622288 or

Jan Køpke Rohdemejer