A/S HAI Horsens is a member of the International Hard Anodising Association abbreviated IHAA, which was founded in 1989. The Association is a confederation of international companies who provide Hard Anodising.

IHAA’s objective is to promote Hard Anodising through technical information and education. Among other activities, they do this by holding the seminar IHAA Symposium every second year alternating between Europa and America. It is also their objective to establish and make use of a technical information forum among IHAA’s members.


A/S HAI Horsens is an Associated Member of the European association for Surface Treatment on Aluminium. ESTAL is a confederation of European anodising associations or anodising and powder coating companies and suppliers to surface treatment companies. The confederation’s objective is to serve and promote the members on an international scale by finding and sharing the development in surface treatment on aluminium as well as assist in developing new technology.

ESTAL’s objective is to create a common European platform for surface treatment on aluminium and act as spokesman and lobbyist in EU.


A/S HAI Horsens is a member of BusinessHorsens which is an independent membership organisation with the objective to catalyse development and innovation in companies. The number of members in the organisation counts over 730 local Horsens-businesses, and collaborate with Horsens municipality and Væksthus Midtjylland.

The organisation acts as a sounding board and motivator for the business community, and the objective to promote development and innovation, create a good setting for companies in Horsens municipality.


A/S HAI Horsens is a member of InterForce under Region Midtjylland. Today 1850 companies support InterForce, which was established in 1999 and has a broadly assembled committee of executives from businesses, the public sector, institutions and organisations.
InterForce is a collaboration between the military, private civilians and public companies centered around the military’s use of the voluntary force. The goal of InterForce is to improve the conditions for the people who face both military and civilian obligations, when the military use their “hidden” resources.

DI – Danish Industry

A/S HAI Horsens is a member of DI – Danish Industry and through them we have joined the collective agreement between DI and CO Industry, as well as the Collective Agreement for Salaried Employees in Industry

DI – Confederation of Danish Industry is a broadly-based trade organisation as well as an employers’ association. DI participates in the collective bargaining and influences the political agenda. It is DI’s first job to create the best setting for the Danish business community. DI represents 10.000 companies in Denmark, who employs 1 million people, half of them abroad.


Under DI – Danish Industry, A/S HAI Horsens is member of:

DI Horsens

DI Horsens is one of DI’s 19 regional associations. The association represents DI’s members in the four municipalities Horsens, Hedensted, Odder and Samsø.

DI Horsens strives to create great conditions as well as growth for local businesses, often through a close collaboration with local politicians, public servants and places of study.

The manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is a members’ association under DI for the Danish manufacturing industry, hereunder is the Metal and Machine Industry, the association creates synergy and a professional community.

Through persistent acquisitions the vision is to gather the industry’s companies and in that way, improve the companies’ business opportunities and create jobs in Denmark.

The association seeks to offer networking opportunities to strengthen the members’ professional and commercial opportunities through active collaboration.

Energy and taxes

DI Energy is a professional community for large-scale consumers of energy and companies in the Danish energy industry. DI Energy works towards great conditions for the energy industry, a good environment for innovation, a strong branding of the industry and its exportation of energy technology and knowledge from Denmark.


Network – Alu Denmark

Aluminum Denmark is an industry network for companies who work with aluminum. The network closely collaborates with both industry and research institutes to ensure the best terms for growth in the industry. The network organisation’s main tasks are to convey knowledge, develop technology and products, environmental development, enter dialogues with stakeholders and to convey market information.

As part of Alu Denmark A/S HAI Horsens participates in the German Consortium One Stop Alu, that works towards increasing the export to Germany.

Network for Young Managers

Network for young Managers under the manufacturing industry is a network for managers under 45. The network groups meet 4 times per year and serves as a competency development forum in developing organisations and industries.