Lasting solutions since 1913

HAI Horsens is a company that originates back to 1913.


Horsens vending machine factory

Rikard Rohdemejer, the vending machine maker from Horsens, set the foundation of today’s factory when he at the beginning of the 19th century began nickel plating, chrome plating and silver-plating the handles and lids of his vending machines. With the surface treatment, he made the vending machines look more tempting and thereby improved sales – even without regular cleaning.


Anodising since 1950

The basis for today’s company started when Rikard Rohdemejer’s son, John Rohdemejer in 1949 found an interest in developing anodising methods. He quickly worked his way to useful results – and in 1950 HAI started the actual anodising production.


More than 28 additions have been added to the original factory building since 1978

From 1978 to 2009 the son, Finn Rohdemejer, 3rd generation of the family was in charge of the management and operation of HAI. The interest in surface treatments and improving production methods continued, and the steady development has resulted in that no less than 28 buildings have been added to the factory.


The 4th generation continues the development

Today Jan Rohdemejer, 4th generation of the family, is in charge of the management while Finn Rohdemejer continues as chairman of the board. Jan Rohdemejer will continue to grow and develop the company to ensure that HAI maintains its status as the preferred supplier of surface treatments of aluminum for national and international clients.

Richard Rohdemejer

John Rohdemejer

Finn Rohdemejer