HAI Horsens

ISO 9001 certificate

Since 1993, HAI has been ISO 9001 certified.
The ISO 9001 certification is fundamental in our daily work and in the relation to every single client.

ISO 50001 certificate

Energy Management

ISO 14001 certificate

Environment Management

QUALONOD licence

HAI has a licence at QUALANOD

QUALANOD is a global organisation who is committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of anodised aluminium.

The QUALANOD standard defines guidelines and requirement for the product as well as the anodising and test processes. To determine whether anodising meets a customer’s requirements, the results need to be precise and measurable against technical specifications.

For HAI to keep our QUALANOD licence we are continually evaluated and tested by impartial accredited institutes.

A QUALANOD licence helps secure that you as a customer receives a product which gives you long-term value through good quality.

REACH Erklæring

A/S HAI Horsens er bekendt med EU forordning EF nr. 1907/2006 REACH.
REACH står for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals” – (registrering, vurdering og godkendelse af, samt begrænsninger for, kemikalier).

Af de materialer og hjælpestoffer, som A/S HAI Horsens anvender, og som samtidig er omfattet af bestemmelserne i REACH, er A/S HAI Horsens at betragte som “downstream user”. Det betyder, at A/S HAI Horsens ikke har noget registreringsansvar.
A/S HAI Horsens rekvirerer løbende den nødvendige information fra vores leverandører for at opfylde vores forpligtelser i henhold til REACH.

CoC – Certificate of Conformity

If you by request, or when ordering, have made inquiries about a certificate of conformity, this will be composed by our quality department and enclosed with your shipment. Alternatively, if you provide us with an E-Mail address, we also offer to send it to you.

Forbehandlinger - Hai Horsens, Overfladebehandling


HAI offers a great selection of chemical and mechanical pre-treatments. We focus on the whole process from start to end. Therefore, you receive qualified advising at HAI; this ensures not only proper pre-treatment but also the right result.

Anodisering Hai Horsens, Overfladebehandling


Anodising is a surface treatment process where the aluminum is made durable and resistant. HAI has the greatest selection of surface treatments of aluminum in Northern Europe. We partner with our clients to create unique and lasting solutions.

Chromatering / Passivering Hai Horsens


HAI has the necessary expertise for the most commonly used chromating/passivation processes. In collaboration with our clients we find the best solution, ensuring that the right chromating/passivation is chosen.

Efterbehandling Hai Horsens


At HAI you are offered very advantageous choices for dyeing, sealing, Teflon PFTE and print. Choose between the largest selection of dyeing in Northern Europe. The selection is large with outdoor and indoor dyeing, and we are happy to develop new variants of your suiting.

Seek our advice from the beginning

If you have an idea, HAI can provide you with the innovative consulting, you need. We offer thorough feedback while you are still in the idea phase. For better quality and economy – book a meeting with one of our consultants as soon as you get the idea.

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