Standards processes

At HAI, we anodize, among other things, according to the following standards:

Sulphuric Acid AnodizingMIL-A-8625F /
ISO 7599
Chromic Acid AnodizingMIL-A-8625F
Hard AnodizingMIL-A-8625F /
ISO 10074
Chromate Pretreatment
MIL-DTL-5541F /
EN 12487
Non-Chromium Pretreatment
(ChromitAL TCP)
Anodised product for use in
contact with foodstuff
EN 14392

Test which we among other performs:

Salt Spray Test (NSS)ASTM B117 /
ISO 9227
Abrasion resistance
(Taber Abraser)
MIL-A-8625F /
ASTM D4060 /
ISO 10074

For other tests, contact us.

“Daily measuring and controlling of all chemical processes is a requisite for good surface treatment.”
Stefan Thorsen

Project leader

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