At HAI, both employer and employee take safety very seriously
As a rule, we base our knowledge on our own and others’ experiences. We collaborate across management and employees as well as job functions and professions to focus on safety. For instance, through meetings, dialogue, instruction, and follow-ups. At HAI it is of the highest priority safety-wise to follow-up and make sickness absence visible as well as thoroughly reviewing near accidents and accidents.

We identify and evaluate the risks and challenges in the work environment as well as deciding on activities required for dangerous situations to be prevented and eliminated.

The security activities are based on ISO 45001 and must always comply with the applicable legislation.

The Danish Working Environment Authority Smiley

We have obtained the Danish Working Environment Authority´s Smiley as proof of active work in the field of health and safety at work.

“We highly emphasise a safe work environment.”
Christian Nederby

QHSE Responsible

Seek our advice from the beginning

If you have an idea, HAI can provide you with the innovative consulting, you need. We offer thorough feedback while you are still in the idea phase. For better quality and economy – book a meeting with one of our consultants as soon as you get the idea.

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