HAI Horsens have Northern Europe’s widest range of surface treatment on aluminum.

From idea to result

At HAI we are experienced and have the latest knowledge about surface treatment, which is your guarantee of durable and functional solutions. Every day we keep a focus on the indefinite opportunities that surface treatment on aluminum offer.


25.000 m2 production area

The production at HAI runs in a 3-shift-pattern and employs approximately 150 people.
The production facility is optimally designed, and skilled employees handle the tasks in a highly effective manner.

We can treat surfaces on all sizes of aluminum elements at the factory.

HAI uses the techniques that offer the optimal effect, no matter what the goal of the surface treatment is.

The production is quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and implements eco-management in accordance with ISO 14001 – as well as being designed with high efficiency and a flexible capacity in mind.


Quality solutions

HAI offers skilled and fast guidance – as well as an innovative approach to a project, which means that even very specific productions can be started quickly.

The quality is always high; this is because we, among other things, always make sure that the materials are in perfect condition before we surface treat them.

At HAI we have a lot of experience with everything from handling materials with small allowances, delicate subjects like spectacle frames to more robust materials.

“With teamwork in our production, we ensure flexibility, quality and the customer in the center of the unique customer solutions.Many years of experience and know-how combined with new technologies make it an exciting workplace.”
Keld Nielsen

Production Leader

Professional surface treatment

HAI performs in four main fields within surface treatment on aluminum – pre-treatment, anodising, chromating/passivation and finishing.

Forbehandlinger - Hai Horsens, Overfladebehandling


HAI offers a great selection of chemical and mechanical pre-treatments. We focus on the whole process from start to end. Therefore, you receive qualified advising at HAI; this ensures not only proper pre-treatment but also the right result.

Anodisering Hai Horsens, Overfladebehandling


Anodising is a surface treatment process where the aluminum is made durable and resistant. HAI has the greatest selection of surface treatments of aluminum in Northern Europe. We partner with our clients to create unique and lasting solutions.

Chromatering / Passivering Hai Horsens


HAI has the necessary expertise for the most commonly used chromating/passivation processes. In collaboration with our clients we find the best solution, ensuring that the right chromating/passivation is chosen.

Efterbehandling Hai Horsens


At HAI you are offered very advantageous choices for dyeing, sealing, Teflon PFTE and print. Choose between the largest selection of dyeing in Northern Europe. The selection is large with outdoor and indoor dyeing, and we are happy to develop new variants of your suiting.

The useful dialogue

Some of our primary tasks are idea development, feedback, and advising. With our know-how and experience in surface treatment on aluminum combined with our customers’ ideas and product-specific knowledge, we create a robust and innovative solution. We can contribute by offering quick feedback and alternative ideas even if you are still in the idea phase.

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