HAI are specialised in the most commonly applied chromating/passivating processes.

Quality and development

HAI has developed and quality assured our chromating/passivation process over the years. Therefore, we meet all the requirements within the standards, we work with.

We have unique knowledge of the many opportunities the chromating/passivation process offers. We prioritise partnership to find the right treatment for the product. We always deliver a constant and high quality.


HAI offers SurTec 650 TCP (RoHS convertible)

Surtec 650 is a chrome 6+ free passivation process, commonly called TCP.
The process is an alternative to yellow chromating and observes the same standards.
The process leaves a clear, light bluish surface that can be slightly spotted.


Yellow chromating, containing chrome 6+

The chromating process creates a great level of adhesiveness for subsequent paint or finish.
The chromating layer is insoluble in water and other organic solvents.



Chromating is often named as the manufacturer specific trademarks.

Examples of trademarks:

  • Iridite (USA)
  • Aludine (Europe)

The names refer to a brand not a process. Therefore, HAI uses the common term “chromating” instead.

“To ensure fast and effective process inspection, all chemical analyses are done internally at our modern lab.”
Helle Skanderup

Laboratory technician

The useful dialogue

Some of our primary tasks are idea development, feedback, and advising. With our know-how and experience in surface treatment on aluminum combined with our customers’ ideas and product-specific knowledge, we create a robust and innovative solution. We can contribute by offering quick feedback and alternative ideas even if you are still in the idea phase.

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