Yellow chromating

Yellow chromating is a chromating layer for aluminum components containing chrome 6+ – also known under the trade name Aludine or Iridite.

The yellow chromating process is a chemical coating/conversion coating, that maintains and adds chemical/technical qualities to the surface.


  • Partial corrosion protection.
  • Very good adhesion ability.
  • Is not damaged by bending, etc.
  • Temperature-resistant up to approximately 130°C.
  • The chromating layer is insoluble in water and other organic solvents – however, it can be dissolved in strong acids and alkalis.
  • Weak electric resistance that does not affect the ability to weld the material.


  • Instruments, office machines, electronics etc.

Structure and look after the treatment

  • The metallic impression is maintained.
  • The chromate layer is light to dark yellow.
  • The surface gets the look corresponding to the chosen pre-treatment.

Layer thickness

  • The layer thickness is typically 1-3 µm depending on the processing time.
  • The weight of the layer is 0.1 to 1 g/m2.


  • Cannot be dyed.


  • Most alloys can be used.

Yellow chromating meets the standards.

  • MIL-C-5541
  • AMS-2473
  • DIN 50939

Aludine and Iridite has been added to the QPL list.

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