HAI has one of the greatest selections of dyes in Northern Europe.


HAI’s expertise is well-documented, and we put our expertise to use during all processes, from idea to result. Aluminum is pretty, decorative and environmentally friendly which we have a great passion for.


Precision and innovation

When different possible finishing treatments are discussed with our customers, we are very careful and meticulous as well as very creative. Well-educated and highly qualified employees are the key to a successful finishing process at HAI.


The finishing process

By anodising metal, the metal look is maintained, and the surface is left with a pretty lustre and deep colour. As the anodising coating is transparent, it is possible to apply a finishing treatment to the surface, which changes its structure, appearance and features even further.

“High quality at every link in the process must always be part of the solution at HAI.”
Stefan Thorsen

Project Leader

The greatest colour palette

Together we move the boundaries for pre-treatment of aluminum. With our know-how and experience in surface treatment on aluminum combined with our customers’ ideas and product-specific knowledge, we create a robust and innovative solution. We can contribute by offering quick feedback and alternative ideas even if you are still in the idea phase.

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