Silk screen printing

Silk screen printing can be applied to straight aluminum elements. Silk screen print is applied with two component colours which are burnt onto the material. This means all colour choices are available.


  • Perfect for decorations which are not exposed to wear and tear.
  • All Pantone colours are available.
  • Pretty lustre. A matt option is also available.


  • Repetitive wear and tear will cause the colour to fade.
  • Is non-resistant to chemicals

Photo anodising

Photo anodising can be applied to straight, open aluminum materials. With this process the special colour in burnt into the open aluminum material in an oven under pressure. Afterward, the material is sealed so excess colours can be cleaned off



  • Resistant to wear and tear, the weather as well as chemicals.
  • All Pantone colours are available.
  • The colour does not fade over time.

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