HAI offers a wide selection of chemical and mechanical pre-treatments. We focus on the whole process from idea to end result.

Quality solutions

We are always interested in advising you on choosing the right pre-treatment as the pre-treatment is significant to the following finish. With careful advising and the proper handling of the material, you can be sure that the following treatment lives up to your expectations for quality and appearance.


We make demands

Today HAI offers an extensive range of chemical and mechanical pre-treatments at our 25.000m2 production facility in Horsens. We expect a lot from our employees and the quality of our treatments. HAI is specialised in pre-treatments of aluminum for architecture, design, surveillance, aerospace, subsea/offshore and medico.


The pre-treatment process

First, the materials are pre-treated by degreasing them. Then one or more pre-treatments is/are chosen. If multiple pre-treatments are selected, the mechanical pre-treatment always comes before the chemical pre-treatment.

In several cases, our experience show that chemical pickling is the most attractive pre-treatment method, but choosing what pre-treatment is right, depends on the customers’ demands for the quality and appearance of the final product.

The purpose of pre-treatment is to clean the surface and remove the oxide layer on the aluminum as well as giving the material the right structure and appearance according to the customers’ demands.

Pre-treatments with reference to DIN 17611 and ISO7599.

SymbolType Description
E0 Degreasing and deoxidation A type of pre-treatment which only cleans and activates the surface. Any scratches and corrosion damages will remain visible.
E1 Grinding The surface is ground with a grinding sheet. Most faults are removed, and it creates a harmonious surface. It is important to define how coarse the grinding should be.
E2 BrushingImproves the lustre and leaves a brushed look. Not all scratches and marks are removed. The coarseness of the brush must be defined.
E3 BurnishingBurnishing the surface to improve the lustre. Faults in the surface may stay visible. The degree of lustre varies a lot depending on the alloy.
E4 Grinding and brushingLeaves a brushed look like E2 but typical surface faults are removed by the grinding process.
E5 Grinding and burnishingLeaves a burnished surface with an improved lustre. The grinding removed typical surface faults. Small grinding marks may stay visible.
E6 Chemical picklingCorrodes the surface to create a homogenous and matt surface. Surface faults are wiped out or eliminated. The treatment is widely applied on extruding sections.
E7 Chemical burnishingThe process leaves a glistening surface. The process is suitable for materials of more complicated geometrical shape.
E8 Grinding or burnishing followed by chemical burnishing The process leaves a glistening and smooth surface where the effect of preceding grinding or burnishing is visible.
“High quality at every link in the process must always be part of the solution at HAI.”
Stefan Thorsen

Project Leader

A great challenge

HAI receives many great challenges from our customers daily. Together we move the boundaries for pre-treatment of aluminum. With our know-how and experience in pre-treatment of aluminum combined with our customers’ ideas and product-specific knowledge, we create a robust and innovative solution. We can contribute by offering quick feedback and alternative viewpoints even if you are still in the idea phase.

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