Chemical burnishing

Chemical burnishing is applied to surfaces to obtain a medium lustre. Burnishing is often applied together with glass bead blasting and grinding to enhance the structure of the metal.

Technical specifications

  • E7


  • Burnishes the whole material regardless of the geometry of the material.


  • Decorative articles
  • New technical articles where burnishing is needed on intricate geometrical shapes.

Effect on scratches and small damages in the surface

  • Scratches, etc. are not efficiently removed.
  • Marks from the extrusion are vaguely visible.
  • Removes the natural oxide layer.

Structure and appearance after treatment

  • Medium lustre
  • More matt finish compared to the mechanical burnishing

Suitable alloys

  • Aluminum alloys
  • Alloys based on AIMg and AIMgSI
  • Pure alloys such as A1 99.5
  • Pure alloys that give a stronger lustre
  • Alloys containing copper should be avoided

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