Chemical pickling

Chemical pickling is the most applied pre-treatment method.
By safely, effectively and gently pickling the aluminum product in our alkaline baths the natural oxide layer is removed before the following anodising.

Technical specifications

  • E6


  • Gives a matt and uniform surface structure.
  • Cannot be applied to materials with machining fits (Clearance fit, interference fit or transition fit, etc.) without stripping buffers or preceding dialogue.


  • Construction sections
  • Facade elements

Effect on scratches and small damages in the surface

  • Masks minor scratches and marks from extrusion.
  • Removes the natural oxide layer.

Structure and appearance after treatment

  • Semi to fully matt surface depending on the pickling process.

Suitable alloys

  • Aluminum alloys, most extruded sections, sheets and forged materials.
  • Cast materials should not be pickled.

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