Dry burnishing (Drag burnishing)

Dry burnishing materials is done either in a batch process where the materials are mechanically vibrated with a dry burnishing medium or by individually fixing the materials where the materials are pulled through the dry burnishing medium.

Dry burnishing is also called drag burnishing.

The burnishing medium can be impregnated with different burnishing pastes depending on the type of metal which needs burnishing.

The materials that are dry burnished are often pre-treated with a vibratory deburring process.


  • Profitable in large production runs
  • Size limitations
  • The processing time per batch is at least 12 hours


  • Decorative articles
  • Machine component

Effect on scratches and small damages in the surface

  • Creates uniform surfaces

Structure and appearance after treatment

  • Smooth, shiny surface

Suitable alloys

  • Aluminum alloys
  • Stainless steel alloys
  • Brass alloys

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