Mechanical brushing

Mechanical brushing creates a surface structure with visible streaks in the brushing direction.
The streaks vary depending on the customer’s choice of brush.

Technical specification

  • E2


  • Profitable compared to manual brushing
  • Brushing is possible on straight and arched surfaces


  • Decorative articles
  • Technical articles where a high degree of roughness is desired

Effect on scratches and small damages in the surface

  • Creates a structured surface
  • Removes the natural oxide layer

Structure and appearance after treatment

  • Fine streaks in the brushing direction
  • Streak vary depending on the coarseness of the brush

Suitable alloys

  • Aluminum alloys and most extruded sections and sheets.
  • If a high degree of lustre is desired, pure alloys must be used.
  • We have the right grinding band for your needs, regardless of application or the physical characteristics of the component.
  • For aluminum, we use grinding bands in the range of K50 to K600 or Scotch-Brite from very fine (blue) to medium (red).

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